Experience the Flat Rate Locksmith Services

EL Cheapo-24 Hour Mobile Locksmith & Road Services is a locksmith service provider in San Diego. We are a company where you can find fast and easy ways to solve each and every problem related to lock and keys. No matter whether you have lost the key to your car or have locked yourself in your house, we are here to help you.

EL Cheapo-24 Hour Mobile Locksmith & Road Services, we are dedicated to offering our clients with high quality automotive, residential, and emergency as well as commercial locksmith services for more than a decade. We have a network of experienced professionals that provide comprehensive locksmith services at a flat rate to meet the unique demands as well as the requirements of the clients. We are confident about every work we do and offer 100 percent satisfaction to our clients.

The locksmith services offered by us at a flat rate in San Diego are a commitment that has made us the best choice of the clients. We offer free consultation as well as a free inspection of the things that need to be repaired or replaced and provide proper security for our clients. Currently, we are dealing with lock picking, forging, installation services in different sectors like industrial, residential, forensic, commercial and transport.

We at EL Cheapo-24 Hour Mobile Locksmith & Road Services, appoints locksmiths from various corners of the world and they possess years of experience in this field. Our locksmiths value our clients and provide the services honestly. Some of our locksmiths have learned about these services by themselves, while others have gained this knowledge by doing various courses. No doubt from which source they have acquired the knowledge, but experience and their dedication is something that is common among our entire locksmith. Our reliable locksmiths work day and night and develop high-quality locks with an advanced security system on them.

We design and develop various types of locks like a deadbolt, sliding door, master, and bike as well as custom locks and other security systems in San Diego. All our products and services are available on a guarantee. Apart from this, we offer 24 hours emergency services in San Diego.

We provide installation of high-end security systems such as biometric and electronic access control and other key systems to enter into a building.

So, hire us and experience the difference…


Robert Bernay

Phone: 619 366 6500.

Robert Bernay is an experienced locksmith with many years of experience helping clients in the San Diego, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach area.

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