san diego locksmith services

San Diego Locksmith Services

Located in San Diego, EL CHEAPO-24 HOUR MOBILE LOCKSMITH & ROAD SERVICES offer reliable locksmith services with years of experience in both residential as well as commercial sectors in San Diego. We are a reputed locksmith service provider and we provide our services in such a way that no other locksmith service provider can compete with us. Our services include lock repairs, installation of locks, lock replacement, lock picking, and reprogramming. Apart from this, our dedicated staffs in our Chula Vista LOCK AND LOCKSMITH service provide locksmith services for cars, lockers, encrypted security systems, chambers, bicycles, as well as luggage’s. Our Chula Vista LOCK AND LOCKSMITH services offer locksmith services in various areas like residential, commercial, forensic and transport. We make the use of industry best practices and the latest tools and technology to offer our services .Have a look on some of the services provided by us.


At EL CHEAPO-24 HOUR MOBILE LOCKSMITH & ROAD SERVICES we provide a wide range of locks for the safety of the clients. The locks are available in various designs and are made up of the highest quality material. Our locks are available at a reasonable price. Some of the locks offered by us include high quality gate locks, deadbolt locks, sliding door locks, window locks, and cylinder locks. Beside these locks, we are dedicated in providing installation and repair of high security locks if demanded by the clients.

Electronic and Biometric Access Control

We provide the most advanced and state of the art BAC system .We make the use of the latest computer technology to access the locks electronically. The BAC installed by us can implement different means to identify an individual depending on unique traits like the DNA. Our BAC System can identify an individual by face, retinal scanners, voice recognition software’s as well as fingerprints.

Vaults and Safe repair and installations

We provide various safe and vault installations as well as repair services in the area of San Diego. Our experts can work according to the demands of the clients. Even we can also repair your safe with high quality material like alloys or we can install a high standard safe that can last long.

Master key system

We make the use of a wizard and design master key system with the help of auto, copy or standardized method.

Keyless Entry system

We provide flat rate installation of keyless entry systems to our clients. We make the use of the latest technology for installing keyless entry system for both residential as well as commercial sectors. We make the use of various algorithms and synthetic nanotechnology.

So, at EL Cheapo-24 Hour Mobile Locksmith & Road Services, we offer a wide range of products as well as services to the customers at a flat rate. We provide 24 hours emergency and flat rate services in San Diego. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are honest, reliable, dedicated and possess a good knowledge on the locksmith services. Apart from this, they have years of experience in this field. We use the latest technology and high quality materials to design a lock and thus offer safety to the clients.

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